About Lucie.


On October 10, 2002 I found my sweet Lucie as a 5ish week old baby in an Arkansas shelter.   She and her siblings had been dumped off a wooded trail, and my Lucie was the only one who scrambled out of the pack to be found by a good samaritan to got her to the great folks at Heber Springs Humane Society.   That sense of urgency and joy carried through every minute of her life.   She loved the beach, her brothers and sisters, and everyone she ever met except for the UPS man.    She was a goofball, a mess maker, and an incredible athlete.   She was pushy, opinionated, loyal, and fearless. 


At 12, Lucie had a liver adenoma removed.   And a spot on her spleen was discovered that would develop into an aggressive cancer called hemangiosarcoma - and that I might have 6 months with her.    I decided never to say the "C" word in front of her.   We opted out of expensive diagnostics and invasive intervention protocols - instead seeking stem cell therapy (ortho benefits and immune boost), hyperbarics (boost stem cell investment), raw food, essential oils, chiropractic care, and acupuncture/acupressure therapies.   For 3 years she did not ever know she was sick.   And the folks you see on our partners page are the reason we had 3 years, not 6 months with her.    This company is about sharing that information, those more affordable life quality and life extending foods and therapies. 


Lucie taught me that to be well one must eat well and live well.   In 15.5 years of loving her, a lot was learned.   The mission of this company is to share that experience, and everything new we learn each day from our incredible community of partners, with as many people we can.   Lucie's Legacy is about positively affecting lives, and outcomes, for dogs first - and the humans who love them.  

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