100% of our ingredients are domestic and fresh.  75% are from Austin farms and the surrounding area - sustainable, organic operations committed to the environment, their animals, and top quality ingredients.

Gluten free, chemical free, always human-grade ingredients.  No by-product, digest, meal, or corn.  
We roast the meat with fruits and vegetables for taste transfer, add other ingredients as cooling agents, and rapid freeze to -10 degrees for nutrient retention.  

Proteins:  Duck (heart, liver, giblet, egg), beef (liver, kidney, various cuts), whole salmon, pork loin, pork fat.  
Fruits:  Apple, cranberry, blueberry, other seasonal berries, seasonal melon.  
Vegetables:  Squash (seasonal), kale, eggplant, peas, pumpkin w/ seeds, spinach, green beans, carrots, beets w/ greens, other seasonal greens, cucumber.  
Starches:  Quinoa, autumn blend of lentils, sweet potato.
Supplements and Add-Ins: multi-vitamin, seaweed calcium, COQ10, green superfood, golden flax flakes, chia seeds, tumeric, hemp hearts, Himalayan Pink Salt (minerals), and coconut oil.  

Lucie's Original Feast

  • Delivered Frozen.


    Small - 8oz (1 cup)

    Medium - 32oz (4 cups)

    xLarge - 128oz (16 cups)

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